Re: Supporting GTK+

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 12:39 PM, Splodgeness Tiberius Abounds
<splodgi t_abounds virgin net> wrote:
> Please could you tell me if there are any versions of GTK+ installed by
> default in any versions of Linux.
> I have spent all weekend attempting to install GTK+ in Debian 4.0 and Ubuntu
> 8.10 and always fall at the first hurdle (Pango.)
> I am sure this is merely the first of an abundance of issues that I will
> come across and I simply don't have the time available to go through this
> again. If there is a Linux distro that already has GTK+ installed so that I
> can install mono-develop then I will simply install that distro.

I'm sure Ubuntu has GTK+ installed if you're looking at the GNOME
desktop after logging in.  However, Ubuntu doesn't install development
tools by default.  monodevelop is in the repositories for Jaunty 9.04
so I can simply run

sudo apt-get build-dep monodevelop

to pull in all of the build dependencies.

This isn't really the appropriate mailing list for this request.
Please consult in the future.
You would have found gtk-list gnome org   But really this is a
distribution concern and Ubuntu has extensive forums for support.



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