Re: Stormy's update: Week of July 13th

    GNOME can't exist in a cultural vacuum. We should do
    everything we can to work against DRM, to support sources of Free
    culture, and to educate users about Free culture, DRM, and
    non-patent-encumbered media formats.[1] But we also have to make
    compromises sometimes, so that users of our desktop can still access
    and interact with the broader culture they live in.

I am not suggesting that GNOME should exist in a cultural vacuum,
merely that it should refrain from promoting Amazon.  Amazon might
wish to be the only gateway to culture, but it isn't.

Some compromises are necessary; and many others are useful and
harmless.  Others undermine the moral foundation of what we are doing.
(See  This is one of
the latter.  To promote a company which the FSF is asking people to
protest is a particularly bad kind of compromise.

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