2009 Gnome Boston Summit

For those not at the AGM during GUADEC I had announced confirmation on this years GNOME Boston Summit in October at MIT. 


October 10th, 11th and 12th

MIT Sloan Building (E51)
Cambridge, MA
Rooms 315, 325, 335, 345


As of right now we have funding thanks to Novell to hold one hackfest the week before the Summit. The content of that hackfest is yet to be determined.  As always since hackfests are focused on getting specific teams together so that they may plan projects face to face, travel sponsorship will be done via invite and handled by the specific hackfest organizers.

If you are a company or organization which wants to organize and sponsor a second or even third hackfest please get in-touch with myself (J5 on irc) or the GNOME Foundation Board.

Event Sponsorship

We will be looking for companies to sponsor events such as a lunch, a snack hour and the ever present Boston Beer Summit.  These events help people unwind and socialize between the intense hack sessions and BOFs.  They have also been used by the sponsoring organizations as a thank you to developers and to make significant announcements of work being done by the sponsor. 

Last year saw Litl throw a snack hour catered by Sel de la Terre where they announced their work on _javascript_ bindings, now being extensively used to build the shell for GNOME 3.0.  They also answered questions and reveled small bits of the project they have been working on.

Novell had budget left over from their hackfest and cosponsored with the Foundation an open bar at our annual Boston Beer Fest.  Over pool, drinks and food GNOME hackers got to discuss numerous subjects and make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

On the last day of the Summit the GNOME Accessibility team through Sun sponsored a pizza lunch as a thank you for the support the Foundation members and hackers have given the Accessibility team (though I really think we should be thanking them for the work that they do).

Again if your are interested in sponsoring one of these events please get in-touch with myself (J5 on irc) or the GNOME Foundation Board.

Travel Sponsorship

Traditionally the Foundation has not sponsored travel to the Summit, relegating that to our flagship conference, GUADEC, and several regional conferences where we felt GNOME needed a presence.  Unlike GUADEC which is a meet and greet for users and developers of the GNOME platform and related technologies, the Summit is a more intimate working event with specific goals in mind.

This year however, we do want to start sponsoring specific people to attend the conference who would otherwise not be able to attend.  The difference is, anyone applying for sponsorship must have a specific reason for coming and detail concrete goals which they aim to accomplish at the Summit.  The Board and Travel Committee are still working out the details so look for more announcements in the future.

Make your travel plans now and start getting psyched up to have another successful Boston Summit come this Fall.  If last year's Summit successes continue their momentum, look to see even greater things to come out of Boston come October!!!


It is unfortunate that the dates, October 10th-12th, conflict with the Maemo Summit but should be noted that we have for the most part always had the Summit on the second weekend of October (Columbus Day Weekend).  Those plans were set in motion well before we were able to get a definite confirmation on the venue and make a formal announcement.  We should perhaps use the Foundation as a way to coordinate all GNOME related gatherings in the future.

John (J5) Palmieri

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