Re: GNOME DVCS Survey Results

First of all I want to thank Behdad and the participants of the survey
for giving us numbers.

Second I want to complain about the direction this discussion takes.
No idea why that many people become personal. This is really unpleasant.

Third of all: What so complicated about this migration? As far as I see,
the migration consists of the following steps, please tell me if I am
too naive:

     1. Identify admin scripts that must be ported from svn to git. So
        far I only know new-svn-repos.
     2. Identify commit hooks which have to be ported. Should only
        global hooks be ported, or would the migration team also be
        responsible for porting module specific hooks?
     3. Actually port the commit hooks.
     4. Create snapshots of all SVN repositories using git-svn.
     5. Now finish one repository after another:
             1. Mark the SVN repository as read-only.
             2. Run a final git-svn rebase.
             3. Maybe strip git-svn information.
             4. Install commit hooks.
             5. Test the new git repository.
             6. Make the new git repository public.

Am I missing something?

      * Steps one and two have to be done by the current SVN admins.
      * Step three is a programming task and therefore can be done by
        each GNOME hacker knowing the programming languages used.
      * Step four rounds automatically and just needs some watching.
      * Step five could be done in parallel.

So is it really true, that we don't have the man power to do this
migration? I cannot believe this.

Mathias Hasselmann <mathias hasselmann gmx de>,

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