Re: GNOME DVCS Survey Results

David Zeuthen wrote:

> On Sun, 2009-01-04 at 17:48 +0000, John Carr wrote:
> > As bkor has stated, there are lots of Git users so any implementation
> > will support you, and support you well. That is a requirement. So any
> > talk of my idea is not Git vs Bazaar, its talk of one way we can move
> > forward. So i dont consider it to be derailing. When mentioning my
> > idea, lets stick to technical problems with it rather than trying to
> > undermine anyone who has looked at it and thinks it is sound and
> > doable.
> Can you explain what would happen in the event that a future version of
> git switches to an repository format that isn't compatible with how you
> want to store data?

Probably just like bzr already went through several repository formats
and allowed easy upgrades (just like Subversion repository format
changed and it didn't cause any problem for users).  I don't think
there is a problem here.

And also, data would be available in native git format on lots of
computers, and could always be pushed to a vanilla git server.


[Disclaimer: this is just my understanding of the proposal, I may be
 wrong and corrected by anybody.]

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