Google Summer of Code 2009 Call for Ideas

Devs, Hackers, Code Monkeys, Lend us your ideas!

The time is upon us once again to prepare for Google's Summer of Code.
 Pages have been prepared on the wiki for this event, but your ideas
appear to be missing [1,2].  Students will be able to start proposing
their projects on March 23, but we'd like to make sure there are
plenty of projects from them to choose from and have mentors ready to
volunteer their time.

Please visit [2] and enter your project ideas under the "New Untriaged
Ideas" section.  A committee will be formed up later to triage the
ideas prior to the opening of the proposal period.

If you would like to volunteer your time to mentor but don't have a project
 idea, surf over and claim one.  Mentoring is an awesome way to get more
involved with the community and introduce someone to it.

If you would like to throw your hat in the ring for the triaging or
selection committees and other GSoC related tasks, pop on over to
#soc-admin, join the soc-mentors-list and let one of the
administrators for the program know you want to be involved in making
GNOME rock.

This year's administrators are Adam Schreiber, Daniel Siegel and Sandy


The GNOME Google Summer of Code Administrators


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