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In France, at least, we have not yet considered organising a GNOME event
- there are lots of free software events at which to represent GNOME,
and we're all volunteers after all.

But in terms of our goal of outreach, I would like to see gnome-fr
stretching its tentacles more into Africa and the public sector in Europe.

Specifically, I had hoped we could send someone to speak at Idlelo 3
last year (we didn't), but would like to see if we can send someone to
Ghana in May 2010 - it's a ways off, but it's worthy of a special
budget. Plane to Paris to Accra return is in the region of ?800 to ?900,
and from a quick web search you can probably get a decent hotel room in
Accra for around ?50 to ?70 per night (it's hard to tell what relative
standards are, and it's mostly the luxury hotels that offer web
reservation, so most of the hotels I found were typical US rates of $100
- $250 per night).


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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