Re: What would you like to see the GNOME Foundation sponsor in 2009?


Including the gugmasters list on CC (if only to get the word out ;)

Stormy Peters wrote:
> If your local group needs money this year, or you have a great idea
> for GNOME that could use some sponsorship money from the GNOME
> Foundation, please let us know.

Let's start with the banal... much of this stuff might cost nothing,
other things might be a smallish cost that can be borne locally or

We have two event boxes, which include some nice stuff ("What is GNOME?"
handouts, a small PC & screen, some tablets) and we also have a big
GNOME poster that can be delivered separately. There's some more stuff
I'd really like to see in there:
 * Stickers
 * Some glossy brochures showing off some aspects of GNOME - either
general functionality, specific applications, or talking points (focus
on education, focus on accessibility, etc)

I know these might not come out of the community budget, but it might be
worth spending some money on content and layout of these, since they
would be a great help, I think.

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