Re: "Private Foundation-List" Petition for referendum

Typically, you work with a public relations firm. Media training is mostly a
bunch of pointers ("Never say, 'No comment'"; "Never cite specific numbers,
unless you are confident you can back them up") and a bunch of structured
practice in question-and-answer situations, confrontational and non-.

We should probably collect a list of those who are willing (and able).

On 12/16/09 3:51 AM, "Dave Neary" <dneary gnome org> wrote:

> Hi,
> Lefty ( 亢 ) wrote:
>> On 12/15/09 1:25 PM, "Miguel de Icaza" <miguel novell com> wrote:
>>>     Perhaps what we do need is for the board to have a stronger
>>> connection to mass media and be ready to articulate public responses
>>> properly framing discussions and correcting any incorrect reporting.
>> Actually, this is something I'd suggested in the Marketing BoF at the last
>> GUADEC: GNOME needs people who (ideally) have been media trained, have
>> appropriate contacts, and are willing and able to talk to press
>> representatives when needed. I volunteered to be one, I don't know whether
>> that are others, but we haven't followed up on it so far...
> I've done this in the past, and would be happy to again. Can't speak for
> anyone else.
> How do you get media training, by the way? :)
> Cheers,
> Dave.

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