Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

El dom, 13-12-2009 a las 13:08 +0100, Peter Hjalmarsson escribió:
> For gentoo, they have two feeds: the "planet", and the "universe", where
> the planet only aggregates those blog posts that are tagged with gentoo,
> and the universe aggregates the rest.
> I cannot understand why GNOME cannot have this system also?

I totally agree with Peter Hjalmarsson !!!!

> Then for the "planet" you can have a code of conduct of what they are
> allowed to tag as GNOME (i.e. upcoming events in OSS-land where GNOME
> will be represented, development in projects blessed/used by GNOME,
> comments about projects being blessed/used by GNOME, projects
> interesting for people interested in GNOME),

Then Planet GNOME will be a window into the GNOME world, what GNOME
community is doing now, what their plans are and how we are conquer and
free the world ;)

This planet will be very useful because it will give a community vision
of our project. And this is useful not only for the community members,
but also for the people outside the community that want to know about

>  and a "universe" with maybe
> an disclaimer that the posts there can have nothing what so ever to do
> with GNOME.

and Universe GNOME will be a window into the world, work and lives of
GNOME hackers and contributors. Basically Universe GNOME will be what
Planet GNOME is now, maybe without the GNOME related posts. You find
interesting people in the community and you want to know more about them
because you share a common hobby, you learn new things, he/she is
brilliant (there are many!) or whatever. 

I think foundation members, I'm not a member yet, should take into
consideration this solution IMHO.

best regards,

   -- Juanjo Marín

Juan José Marín Martínez
Tlf: 956009437 (Corp. 409437) Fax: 956009445 (Corp. 409445)
Informática. Consejería de Cultura. DP Cádiz.
Junta de Andalucía

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