GNOME Advisory Board Roles & Responsibilities


Stormy and the Board worked on creating a new list of roles and
responsibilities for the advisory board, since what we had before was
quite old.

This has now been posted on the Foundation website at

Feel free to suggest improvements on the structure of the page! And of
course, feel free to do that for the whole foundation website ;-)

I'm pasting the roles & responsibilities below, for convenience.




Roles and Responsibilities of Advisory Board Members

 - Represents and advises on the needs of the primary downstream
   partners served by GNOME.

 - Receives and actively provides input and discussion on topics sent to
   the Advisory Board list or discussed at Advisory Board meetings.
   Topics include things like financial reports, project status, and
   event planning.

 - Promotes GNOME. The GNOME Foundation and Advisory Board members often
   work together to promote GNOME, and members are expected to work with
   the GNOME Foundation to promote GNOME when opportunities arise. For
   example, by speaking about GNOME at industry events or at company or
   government meetings where people are not familiar with GNOME.

 - Identifies/presents opportunities for collaboration and alerts GNOME
   to significant relevant developments within other industries or
   working groups. This can include things like suggesting a GNOME
   presence at an established event or pointing out opportunities for
   partnership and making introductions to other companies and

 - Helps the GNOME Foundation grow and improve as an organization.
   Identifying services that the GNOME Foundation can provide for GNOME
   Foundation members, Advisory Board members and GNOME users. This can
   include things like suggesting a local event or project shortfalls
   (documentation, integration, support) that could be addressed by
   GNOME Foundation resources.

 - Provides mentorship and advice to community members working on
   projects like marketing, finance and fundraising. Mentorship can be
   provided directly by the Advisory Board member or by others in their

 - Ensures that their company is involved and engaged with upstream
   discussion and events where relevant. For example, ensure that the
   appropriate people are subscribed to the right forums and involved
   with upstream decisions.

 - Attends and sponsors GNOME events that align with the Advisory Board
   member's needs.

 - Offers guidance, advice and resources. This guidance can include not
   only opportunities for how to acquire money but other ways to solve
   problems. Examples include helping to solve our system administration
   shortage, planning representation at events, etc.

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