Re: foundation-list Digest, Vol 68, Issue 13

Yes.  You said that no one's yet demonstrated a problem, and you gave a
solution for if the problem was demonstrated.  You're solution was 100%
compatible with Richard's solution.

This means that the only difference between the two positions is the number
of problematic posts.  For you it's currently zero, and for Richard it's an
unknown number, very likely to be non-zero, but looking at what's on right now, it's obviously going to be a very small number.

That's the size of the problem.  So, if the solution proposed was:

> If the problem happens at intervals of years, maybe very
> little response is needed.  Maybe the GNOME Board should respond by
> posting a response when non-free software gets favorably mentioned.

and if that's acceptable to everyone and sufficient for those who see a
problem, then this issue would be resolved.

That's how short the distance is between the current situation and a
solution.  With calm discussion, it's bridgeable.

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