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El dv 14 de 08 de 2009 a les 12:53 +0200, en/na Vincent Untz va
> Hi,
> I hope that this helps understand the issue a bit. And sorry for the
> long mail :-)


Forgetting about licenses and everything else ... it could help somehow
if after, say Novell, finishes the translation they just .tar.gz the po
files and report them in bugzilla targeting the language? Then the
coordinator of that language should do the right thing about it.

Because, yes, maybe they translate older versions and not the current
one, but sure there would be some fixes and a general overall
improvement of the quality, etc.

And creating a bug report with a .tar.gz I don't think it's a big deal.

Also from our side (with my gnome l10n hat on) we can provide a page on targeting external translators in which we could explain
them how to reach the translators, how to search for things already
translated and so on (not really long, that's why I say a new page) to
let at least let them know about our process so maybe they can browse to search for tricky words or the likes.

Back to my first sentence about forgetting licenses ... don't know if
the companies will be fine with this.


> Vincent

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