Re: GNOME Advisory Board Member Interviews

2009/8/13 Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org>:

Thank you for the extremely well laid out and detail of the note.


>  * Qt is seen as having better API documentation because Trolltech has
> documentation writers.

I believe that the above sentiment has been coming up for a
considerable number of times in the past, are there ways to start a
discussion to progress towards having better documentation and, more
importantly, some improved stability ?


> GNOME on a stick. Sugar on a stick has been very successful. Should consider
> GNOME on a stick - would also enable people to experiment more without
> feeling like they were changing all of GNOME.

SoaS did have a somewhat more elevated aim than being a mere "show off
at an event" way of doing things. Would GoaS be able to differentiate
itself from the GNOME LiveMedia (Foresight based) that is available
during post-release (and, which are extremely good to have) ?


> Mentioned an article by J5 that talked about that RH, Novell and others are
> less involved because of the maintenance burden.They spend time on money on
> things like translations. No process to get them upstream and so they do it
> all over again next year.

I am a bit curious to know more about the context of the comment
above. Which translations, which projects and, specific examples of
non-upstream(ing). To the best of my knowledge, translations (at least
the Indic ones) are upstream and, have been consistently maintained
adhering to the best traditions of community-driven translations which
are part of GTP.

I can either check the bot or, the site to
confirm this but I am sure that anyone from the GTP team would be able
to do that more nicely as well.


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