speck hack fest 2008

dear hackers,

for everyone who did not manage to visit istanbul, for everyone who
cannot visit boston, for everybody who holds a hackfest at his
appartment, because its so cool, for everybody who just takes some time
off to visit the hackfests around the world and of course for everybody
who wants to sit together, meet other gnome developers and wants to hack
there is another amazing opportunity to meet, discuss and hack: the
speck hack fest 2008 [1]

the speck hack fest is a hackfest for gnome developers and contributors.
it will be held at the tis innovation park [2] in bolzano (italy) [3],
an innovative and technological center in bolzano and it will be
organized by the tis - free software center [4]. it will end with the
south tyrolean free software conference [5], which will be on 14th
november. the hack fest itself will be on november 10-13, 2008.

we are trying to organize the speck hack fest 2008 as best as possible
and we put some packages together for facilitate your hack days in

unfortunately some accomodation packages are available only for a short
period because bolzano is fully booked in november and the hostel and
the hotels are keeping our registrations only for a short period.

if you already know you would join the hack fest it would be better if
you have a look at the packages we prepared as soon as possible and
register yourself online at [6] 

at this link you will find every kind of information about the packages!
if you need further infos do not hesitate to contact patrick or me!

the hack fest is followed by the south tyrol free software conference on
14th november which program and details will be available as soon as
possible at [5]

there will be many interesting speeches and i think you could ehm..
well, you have to join also the sfscon the day after the hack fest.

hope to see you in bolzano...

p.s. if you want to sponsor the hack fest we have no problems with it ;)

[1]: http://live.gnome.org/SpeckHackFest2008
[2]: http://www.tis.bz.it/
[3]: http://www.bolzano-bozen.it/en/bolzano-gateway-to-the-dolomites.htm
[4]: http://www.tis.bz.it/bereiche/free-software/index_eng?set_language=en&cl=en
[5]: http://www.sfscon.it
[6]: http://sfscon.it/2008/registration/gnome-registration

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