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On Thu, 2008-09-11 at 15:56 +0200, Dave Neary wrote:

> I had read your comment as "don't complain to me, it's not my fault".
> But it is your fault, in so far as when you get signed up to planet
> GNOME, you provide (or at least, I had to) a name, hackergochi and RSS
> feed. At that point, you could have provided your general feed (as I
> did, and as many others do) or your technology one.


What you do doesn't relate to what I do. In any way. We are two
different people, with two different methods for the things we do.

And I prefer it that way, too.

I don't even think your methods are worse or better than mine. It's
human to be different.

> > I don't mind it myself, and my personal preference is the same as the
> > current active policy.  
> In other words, you want all your blog posts to be syndicated, and thus
> people are right to complain to you if they think some of your posts are
> inappropriate for pgo (and you are, of course, free to ignore them).

I don't mind if either only-technical ones or all ones are syndicated.

Stop twisting my words.

For me there's a distinction between "I don't mind" and "I don't or I do
want". What you do is portraying that style of thinking as black white:
you want something OR you don't want something. That's nonsense.

Human beings are not black-white thinkers. I happen to be one.

> > Although the policy is like how I prefer it, I don't feel responsible
> > for it. Therefore shouldn't people complain to me.
> > 
> > I do think you can like a policy yet not feel responsible for it, and
> > that fits within my philosophy about such things.
> You're talking about a policy - I know of no such policy. Can you point
> me to it, please? The only policy I know of is that PGO requests should
> be accompanied by a blog feed and a hackergochi. Certainly, individuals
> have said in the past that the diversity of pgo is one of the things
> they like, but that hardly constitutes a policy.

I remember Jeff Waugh, implementer of the policies, stating that the
diversity of pgo is what he wants to maintain.

I think that diversity has been its most powerful tool. Therefore I
consider it to be like a policy. 

I can't speak for Jeff, so that's the only think I will say: that I
remember it. Maybe I misinterpreted that. Of course.

> In any case, I now more clearly understand your position on this. You
> are aware that you could ask for another feed to be syndicated, but you
> don't want to - perhaps because you like the effect your more
> provocative posts have on people when they get a wider audience? In any
> case, I think it's disingenuous of you to keep repeating the "don't
> blame me, it's pgo's fault" when that's clearly not the case.

I have been called all kinds of things, but disingenuous is a new one. 

Thanks, I'll add it to the list.

> > In other words: let the maintainer keep making such decisions. Although
> > I might have had the silly idea of using the foundation-list for micro
> > managing pgo before, in the end I don't think it's the right strategy
> > for this GNOME product. Electing a maintainer, for example, would rather
> > be something for foundation-list.
> "silly"? "micro-managing"? My turn to feel misunderstood & slightly
> offended.
> Jeff's been quiet of late, to the point where I know that one or two
> others from the board have been doing some maintainership of pgo (I
> don't know the amount or extent). The foundations list seemed like the
> right place to bring this up in those circumstances. I suppose I could
> have just mailed the board, but in the end having your (public) comment
> on this is worthwhile.

If those two other people are maintaining the planet, then let them make
the decision.

Now stop with turning this into a Soap. Foundation-list is not the right
place for micro-management. It would be the right place for electing a
new maintainer.

Which if you are right, isn't a bad idea to organize. It would be better
than creating more micro-management discussions like this one.

Philip Van Hoof, freelance software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org

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