Re: Involucrate+GNOME, Lima: videos, pics, report

El mié, 30-07-2008 a las 17:46 -0500, Diego Escalante Urrelo escribió:
> Hey everyone,
> as some of you know, we had a GNOME event in Lima - Perú last March.
> Thanks to the Foundation we were able to invite Germán Poo, Fernando
> San Martín, Pedro Villavicencio and Manuel Cerón.
> The results were quite positive for us, there was a really nice
> feeling through the event, people got the chance to casually chat with
> the speakers and just get to know them and their work.
> Most of the material[0] is in Spanish, but we published a translated
> version of the report we crafted[1].

Beautiful report, Diego. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Claudio Saavedra <csaavedra gnome org>

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