Involucrate+GNOME, Lima: videos, pics, report

Hey everyone,

as some of you know, we had a GNOME event in Lima - Perú last March.
Thanks to the Foundation we were able to invite Germán Poo, Fernando
San Martín, Pedro Villavicencio and Manuel Cerón.
The results were quite positive for us, there was a really nice
feeling through the event, people got the chance to casually chat with
the speakers and just get to know them and their work.

Most of the material[0] is in Spanish, but we published a translated
version of the report we crafted[1].
You can find more about the project in our website[2],
it's always a good time to practice your Spanish!, but if you are a
more visual kind of person, there are some pictures[3] in flickr[4]
and videos[5].

The thanks go to the Foundation for their support, to our local
sponsors, Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega for the venue, COSOLIG
lug and Ubuntu-pe lug for their help and to all the volunteers.
And of course, thanks to the volunteers (although they hardly read
this list): Martín Araya, Antonio Cantos, Michael Garrido, GNUUPC,
Diana Katherine Horqque, Enrique Huaman, Liliana Ponce, Lily Poves,
Percy Triveño, Clotilde Urrelo Pezo, Nicolás Valcárcel, Carlos



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