Re: Proposal: Desktop Search hackfest

On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 18:07 +0300, Quim Gil wrote:
> Proposal: Desktop Search Hackfest.
> Calling to: Xesam, Beagle, Tracker projects and whoever else is involved.
> When: September 19 + the days the developers decide before & after.
> Where: Berlin.
> Why: The Board made a call to organize hackfest around events and the
> Maemo Summit has answered.
> Budget: Funded by Nokia within reasonable terms.
> But why?
> Ok, let me explain. We have some budget to sponsor participants to
> . We want to find a balance
> between Maemo community contributors, related upstream developers and
> core developers of the Maemo SW team at Nokia. We think organizing a
> GNOME hackfest is a win-win.
> Desktop search is an interesting area. Federico explained in GUADEC
> the problems of Oralia finding her stuff and there are many more
> things unsolved. It is becoming a critical area, considering that
> users are getting more volumes of data, more types of files and they
> have them spread through several devices and the Internet.

Its a good idea and I know the tracker devs including myself will want
to attend

I would prefer it if it was Desktop search and *Metadata* as the search
aspect is already well covered in Xesam but the use of a centralised
metadata is critical to having a well integrated desktop.


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