Re: yay canaries!

Hi andy,

Andy Wingo wrote:
> The purpose of this message though is to express disagreement with the
> way that the announcement was done (at the GUADEC closing), though. It
> was pretty nasty to Tampere, a place I also wanted to go. I think an
> apology is in order.

Since I had already left by the conference closing (flight at 5pm), I
can't comment on this. I can say that as the leader of a losing bid in
the past, it's a hard thing to take at the end of GUADEC, and it
definitely left me a little bitter...

Perhaps better would be to decide, and notify the bids, before GUADEC
and then during the conference announce, without representatives of the
bid having to find out just before the closing. Not sure, though - any
time you have competition, it's hard for the losers.

> Besides that, I can't help but think that it should be we of the GNOME
> Foundation who should choose the GUADEC location, not the board. Next
> year we should vote on the location.

Now that we are co-locating with Akademy, there is even less likelihood
this will happen - representatives of the communities really need to be
able to discuss, negociate, and arrive at the best compromise on the
location. A community vote makes it very hard to have that kind of
negociation, which is why the KDE community had a non-binding vote this


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh gnome org

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