Re: GNOME Foundation Announces Program to Sponsor Accessibility Projects

Hi gang,

To amplify on what David said...  While many folks with disabilities are understandably most focused on getting a solution that works for them (whether proprietary or not, so long as they have it and can thus use technology, be on the 'net, etc.), I think an increasing number feel that FOSS accessibility is very important.  See for my writeup of a pair of videos from India about FOSS accessibility (and specifically about Orca on Ubuntu), and the very clear statement from Krishnakant Mane on this topic.


Richard Stallman wrote:
    Note that this press release is not about free software, but about

It's about accessibility for GNOME, thus accessibility for free
software.  The fact that GNOME is free software isn't the main point
of this announcement, but it should be a side point.


Yes.  It is so important that accessibility be 'free'.  It is so 
frustrating when these solutions are not shared and improved.  Imagine 
not been allowed to fix a bug to enable someone!  Grrrrrrrr....

(RMS I know how easy that is for you to imagine :) )

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