Re: minutes of last four board meetings


Luis Villa wrote:
> My apologies that this has taken so long; I've been behind as a result
> of school work. I've posted the minutes of the last four meetings to
> I plan to (over time) migrate older minutes to that location as well.
> As usual, please feel free to post questions to foundation-list for discussion.

One addition I'd like to see to the minutes is the agenda at the top (if
there is one). It'd help add a little context to the notes, I think.

I do have one question. I don't mean to be a shit-stirrer or anything,
but it's not clear from the minutes of the past few board meetings what,
if any, priorities the board is attacking systematically this year. Are
there any specific goals that the board has identified as things to
address in this term?

I'm impressed with the way the advisory board's been getting more
attention, and with the preparation of the ad board meetings, but what
is the over-arching theme of the board this year, one year into its 18
month term?


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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