Re: Call for hosts for GUADEC 2009

>  Amsterdam
>  Frankfurt
>  Paris
>  Brussels
>  Geneva
>  Milan
>  All major cities, major travel hubs in Europe, easy to get to, with many
>  university options.
>  Anyone in any of these places feel tempted?

Except Brussels, these cities have a good chance to be considered by
the KDE community.  Checking aKademy's website, aKademy has been taken
place in Ireland, Scotland, Czech Republic, Spain and Germany in the
past.  aKademy 2008 will be in Belgium.  Not many people would like to
repeat cities unless there is a very good reason.

Major cities in Europe are easily accessible from North America, too.
Some reasonably-priced direct flight options exist.  (Of course, it
would not be as cheap as flying ryanair...)


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