Re: Creating new modules -- request for help

On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 04:42:03PM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Bringing it back to the present, there's stuff on that
> really belongs on, but it seems it didn't end up there. I
> don't think this was a conscious thing, but I think it probably was
> due to just enough of a barrier to create a new gnome module.

So ehr, after small discussion with Sven Herzberg today, this is what I
propose / request someone to figure out:

 * Put instructions in live.g.o/NewSVNRepos that anyone wanting an SVN
   repos on should do:
   ssh userid svn gnome org /home/admin/bin/create-repository some-repos

For this I'd like someone to make a script that:
1. is secure
2. is really secure
3. is fast (some people log in and out of SSH/SVN every 5 secs and do
this for hours)
4. checks SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND, sees the regexp
   ^/home/admin/bin/create-repository [-a-z]+$

   and calls sudo /home/admin/bin/create-repository $REPOS
4. by default, it should call: /usr/bin/svnserve -t
5. Oh, syntax for /home/admin/bin/create-repository would be nice too
(restricted to gnomecvs group and again checking the only argument is

(I could figure this out myself, but I'd rather work on Mango:)

(this doesn't handle the loading a SVN dumpfile, but would solve new SVN


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