Re: Foundation Board Meeting Minutes :: 23rd Auguest 2007


Glynn Foster wrote:
> 2) Boston Summit
>    In the process of confirming the venue. There is a minor development
>    where 2 groups are saying different things about the venue - one
>    saying that it's free, and the other (conferencing services) saying
>    it is not free. There's no current summit planning team on the ground,
>    but Jeff expects that to happen once the core summit details are worked
>    out.

I think it's a mistake not to have someone in Boston involved early in
the planning process. I asked someone last month if they'd be willing to
be involved, and they said yes. Has the board been in contact with them?


PS. Congratulations to Rosanna & Jonathan!

Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh gnome org

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