About Planet GNOME

Hello everybody,

The board received a request from Valek Filippov about the
administration of http://planet.gnome.org . We accepted it for
discussion and this is the conclusion we have got:

- Planet GNOME is an official GNOME subsite and for that reason it is
good to have more than one person administering it.

- The content of Planet GNOME is good and it reflects the good editorial
work that Jeff has been doing accepting feeds. The board is happy with
any improvement on the current situation keeping Jeff's editorial

- The more mundane administration of the Planet is less critical from
an editorial point of view and is in fact the cause of most criticism.
The board thinks that these administrative tasks will be better
handled by a team, and probably also through better channels than
private emails.

- Although some board members had several ideas to improve the current
management of Planet GNOME in more transparent and decentralized ways.
board-list is not the place to discuss or agree on those. We recommend
Jeff and anybody interested in this topic to discuss and get to
conclusions openly in gnome-web-list.


Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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