Re: GNOME dependent on Mono

Le jeudi 29 novembre 2007, à 18:03 -0500, Joe Shaw a écrit :
> It's been frustrating over the past few years that GNOME hasn't taken
> a firm position on the issue.  I have personally felt very in limbo
> because my application is in C#, and it would make me much more
> comfortable if the community and/or the foundation came out strongly
> in support of it as a first-class language and environment, or to
> reject it from ever becoming a core piece of the platform.

It depends what you call "platform" :-) If it's the GNOME Developer
Platform, it is my understanding that there's a consensus we want to
keep the platform in C.

To me, it's already a first-class language and environment for GNOME
since it's we ship GTK# in the bindings and it's allowed to have a
GTK#-based in the Desktop suite. The main issue here is that each time a
mono-based app is proposed, there are comments only made on the fact
that it's mono-based. Also, quite often, there are comments for python
apps because it's slow, memory-hungry, etc.

I admit I might be oversimplifying the problem, but my point is that for
many people, it has become a non-problem.

(oh, and I don't think I'd want to hack in Mono, if anybody think I'm
completely biased on this -- so far, I'm a C/python guy)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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