Re: GNOME Foundation Statement on ECMA TC45-M Participation

On Sat, Nov 24, 2007 at 05:05:08PM +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Don't change the subject. The statement I quoted is trollish. There is
> > no need to say we are shooting at our own feet repeatedly. Especially
> > without any argument (I do not mean just text in an email). The
> > announcement was not neutral.
> The perception from outside is very clearly that you are active
> participants and its being used in that way.

Because of the past (no announcement, no statement, no clarifications
etc). This would've been very different if someone explained the
intention. Plus corrected any misperceptions in a reasonable timeframe.

> That would appear to be "shooting at own feet"

But that is the past again, I object to the statement that the current
announcement means that we are shooting our own feet. My objection is
not about how this was initially handled. That could've been way

> Perhaps you'd care to critique the relevant points instead of jumping up
> and down like a small child going "ner ner na ner ner"

My second reply was not useful. However, I see no points to reply to.
The only point is that GNOME foundation is being neutral still. I see no
reasoning to back that up (e.g. quotes from the announcement). #4 is
pretty clear.
I did not like that GNOME foundation sort of silently joined TC45,
especially not without a clarifying statement. Bad press (+misleading
statements) have been very easy because of it. However, why then would
this announcement be shooting our own feet again? It feels like the only
argument behind it that it is not the outcome wanted by Rui.

I still regard summarizing the announcement as 'shooting our own feet
again' as a troll.


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