GNOME Foundation Board Meeting minutes :: 15th November 2007

GNOME Foundation Board Meeting :: 15th November 2007

Present: Anne, Behdad, Glynn, Vincent, Jeff
Absent: Quim
Regrets: Lucas

1) Financial update from Zana

   Zana sent the latest financial report to the board list -

    FOSS India			 -  1758.50
    wire transfer fee		 -    35.00
    Various Paychex amounts	 -   935.84

    Administrative fee from GIMP
      donations			 +     7.50
    Royalties (No Starch Press)  +   254.12
    Donation			 +    10.00
    Google SOC Mentor Program	 + 14500.00

   Current balance:		 $148088.02
   Current accounts receivable:	 $ 47247.55

   with a mention that she was likely to be on maternity leave soon -
   best of luck Zana! Jeff commented that he expected things to go
   quite soon, and didn't see many problems being hit during the
   remainder of the year.

2) OOXML position statement

   [private discussion]

3) OIN Membership

   [private discussion]

4) GNOME President

   Miguel has officially resigned as the GNOME President. As a result, we
   need to nominate this position (and Vice President) according to the by-laws
   and agreed upon plan on foundation-list -

   We have nominated the current Chair and Vice-Chair for these positions,
   Quim Gil and Anne Oestergaard. They will be in this position until the
   next board elections.

5) Advisory Board

   We have decided the next date for the Advisory Board meeting, 29th November.
   We already have some proposed agenda items for discussion.

   ACTION: Anne to propose date on advisory-board and invite members to attend
           with RSVPs to confirm attendance.

6) GUADEC 2008

   Jeff has been in touch with Baris. They are still getting the venue and dates
   confirmed, but do have a back-up venue if required. Jeff suggested that it
   would be good at this stage to have someone on the board to be their point of
   contact. Behdad will take this position on.

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