Re: GNOME Foundation Meeting Minutes :: 10th October 2007

On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 04:50:32PM +0200, Lucas Rocha wrote:
> 7) New HDDs for buildbot machine
>  The buildbot machine ( had a very small HDD (32GB)
>  and needed new ones. The board agreed on buying new HDDs for
> as requested by Olav Vitters on October 8. Owen
>  Taylor and Matthew Galgoci took care of logistics for the purshase
>  and installation of the new HDDs.

These have been working perfectly btw.

There is still lots of free diskspace left as the HDDs have been bought
to ensure we would have enough for the lifetime of the machine (using an
estimation of the number of build bot clients and the number of
'branches' it would test.. basically GNOME stable, devel and Mobile).

Build bot now uses standard jhbuild (all patches merged). Now only Iagio
/ someone has to make some changes to build bot so we can are ready to
accept clients (have loads more than just the build master itself.. not
sure what I assumed.. but there is enough space for 10+ clients per

and of course, mere days later a HDD seems to have died in another
server (oh well).


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