Re: KDE's rebuke to OOXML

    I don't think "major KDE developers announce their rejection of OOXML"
    is a correct description of that page.  First, it's an interview, not an

It is indeed an interview, but the point of concern here is that in it
they announce their rejection of OOXML.

    So, in short, they are saying that 1) microsoft cheated, 2) it's complex
    and poorly documented, 3) we're not interested in implementing it.

That's strong, clear and accurate opposition to OOXML.
We need more of that in order to block ISO acceptance of it.

    Now look from GNOME/OO.o side: We are interested in implementing it,
    regardless of it being a standard or not.

Yes, but that doesn't mean we cannot denounce it!

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