Re: clarification and apology [was Re: board]


Luis Villa wrote:
> Since March of this year, I've been trying to help out on a variety of
> miscellaneous Foundation-related legal projects- some important, some
> not so much. All of these projects, for various reasons, stalled. When
> I came back up to speed, I tried to revive them, but got blocked on
> the two new legal-lists- in each case, I asked for status or for more
> information, and got little information, or worse, complete silence.
> As most of you know this is incredibly demotivating for a volunteer.


> Very few board members were on the
> lists, and the board expected the board's delegates to serve as a
> conduit for this type of information. Unfortunately, for whatever
> reasons, this did not happen, so the board as a whole was unaware of
> my unanswered pings, and did not deserve some of the negative energy I
> channeled in their direction.

It seems appropriate that the board delegate to these lists explain
themselves in the light of your mail.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh gnome org

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