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<quote who="Alan Cox">

> > So, yes, I totally understand your position, but I think that falling
> > back on unsympathetic, dramatic criticism of the Board and ultimatums is
> > not a productive way of fixing the problem.
> "unsympathetic, dramatic criticism" would be "telling it as it is" "of the
> Board" would be "blaming Jeff"

Luis hasn't blamed me. On either occasion of your nasty replies, in fact!

> "ultimatums" has me baffled given all the Luis said about getting the job
> done whatever it took.

Unfortunately, this refers to a discussion on board-list (which I didn't
realise, as I've been reading my mail weirdly due to being without laptop
power adapter for a few days). Though it didn't broach confidence, I
apologise for bringing board-list issues across to foundation-list.

> Can you translate that particular bit of newspeak Jeff, as I can't work
> out how to make sense of your comments with respect to Luis offer.

I suppose if you keep referring to anything I say as 'newspeak', someone
will believe it. Not a great way to encourage respectful discussion on this
list, and I don't really see the point besides trashing me personally.

- Jeff

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