Re: Could GNOME Foundation qualify for a MATC award?


On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 21:15 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi David,
> Le jeudi 15 mars 2007, �0:06, David Bolter a �it :
> > This is just a heads up in case it matters:
> >
> Interesting.
> Do you think you could work on a nomination for the GNOME Foundation?

Short version:
GNOME Foundation isn't eligible.

Long version:
>From the FAQ [1]:

Can I nominate the Mozilla Foundation (or any other software

The MATC awards are designed to honor institutions that are not in the
business of developing software, which choose to support open source
software development using their own resources, not resources provided
to them specifically for that purpose.  Consequently, all software
foundations (e.g., Mozilla) are ineligible because developing software
is their core business.  For the same reason, MATC awards do not honor
institutions for software development that was performed using outside
funds intended for that purpose (e.g., an external grant to develop
software), or for using funds that were committed in order to receive
outside funds (e.g., "matching" funds). The awards honor institutions
that use their own funds--funds that could have been applied to any
other institutional need--for the purpose of open source software



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