Re: GNOME annual report

Hi Rodrigo,

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> it looks great, but I miss mentions to local movements, like the hackers
> meetings at Chile and Holland (IIRC), the GUADEC-ES, the addition of
> Mongolia to the GNOME map, etc.
> Not sure if you want to go to that level of detail, but it would be
> great to also mention these local efforts.

Here's the major problem we have:

I would love to have a set of reports coming back from community run
events and organisations which I could collect into an annual - it would
make my job much easier. But for the most part, I either don't know
what's going on, or I know, but can't find any written accounts, and so
I don't know what to write about :)

I would love that level of detail and I would love to see more local
groups organising things. I would probably exercise constraint and avoid
each new "New contributor from country X!" type notes but the growth of
GNOME worldwide is something that's important.


Dave Neary
dneary free fr

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