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On Fri, 2007-06-29 at 13:56 -0500, Diego Escalante Urrelo wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> (sorry if someone gets duplicates of this)
> Fighting the consulates, I realized that it would be a good idea to
> have a letter from the foundation where it's acknowledged that I'm
> being sponsored to attende GUADEC and GUADEC-ES. You know, to make
> things "look official".

I prefer to have these things handled by GUADEC organizers, not the
Board.  The standard GUADEC invitation letter looks quite official to
me, and has got me (and others) visas already.

What kind of problems are you having with the consulate?


> So I crafted a letter about this, with the hope that someone wants to
> give me a hand and fill in the blanks, insert a png with his/her
> signature and mail it back to me.
> Obviously to make it official it has to be a Board Member the one signing it.
> I hope someone can give me a hand!
> Diego
> ------------
> To whom it may concern (is this english?)
> On behalf of The GNOME Foundation, I would like to confirm that Mr.
> Diego Escalante Urrelo is being sponsored to attend GUADEC 2007: The
> GNOME Conference 15th - 21st  July, 2007, Birmingham, United Kingdom,
> the 8th annual GNOME Users and Developers European Conference and
> GUADEC-ES 2007: The GNOME Hispanic Users and Developers Conference
> 12th - 13th July, 2007.
> Mr. Diego Escalante Urrelo holds a passport numbered 3923409.
> His flight to Spain and United Kingdom, his accommodation and other
> expenses during 11th-24th July 2007 are covered by the GUADEC
> committee in 1 Great Colmore Street Birmingham, B15 2AP, UK. Which is
> a $relationship with the foundation.
> He is being sponsored because of his contributions to the GNOME
> project which include software development, software translation and
> authoring software documentation. He has also helped promote GNOME in
> events, media and local community groups.
> We would like him to attend GUADEC so that he can share his
> experiences and learn about the latest developments in the GNOME
> project.
> GNOME Foundation ( is a non-profit, non-government
> organization based in Boston, USA, with a worldwide membership. The
> GNOME User and Developer European Conferences (GUADEC and GUADEC-ES)
> - are annual gatherings of GNOME
> developers, enthusiasts and individual, business, education and
> government users worldwide.
> Yours sincerely,
> someone
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