GUADEC - aKademy collaboration: Not for 2008

Hi all,

After the discussion here, and discussions with various KDE community
people, the board's not going to be pursuing the idea of co-hosting
aKademy and GUADEC for 2008.

It's too late in GNOME's cycle and too early in KDE's for next year - we
already have a solid candidate for 2008, and KDE haven't started their
search yet. In addition, they have no visibility on who might help with
organisation on their end for 2008 yet.

In addition, the organisational challenges and reaction in both
communities around project identity seem to outweigh benefits for this year.

We plan to get in touch with the KDE eV board after GUADEC and discuss
future co-operation on this front - we can at least generate a list of
conditions we feel must be met before co-hosting could be considered.
Once we've agreed on this list, we can then start looking to answers to
those challenges in a concrete fashion.


Dave Neary
dneary free fr

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