Thank you everyone for a wonderful GUADEC 2007

Thank you everyone for a wonderful GUADEC 2007 in Birmingham.

Special thanks to Paul Cooper and Thomas Wood & The Team.

For those of you who was not there, we missed you!

Hope to see you all, and lots of new faces next time.

It is also a pleasure for me to inform you all that next years GUADEC
2008 will take place in Istanbul, Turkey.

For most primates including myself this is a very interesting and
exiting place to have the GNOME _Everywhere_ conference.

I attach the invitation from the GNOME Istanbul Team, enjoy.

During winter we will have the time to open your history books to
re-polish our knowledge and prepare for a new chapter.

Art, culture, and architecture has a lot in common with the art of

Accessibility and Freedom.
Free quality code at our disposal to make our every day lives more rich.

Best GNOME wishes


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