Re: Regarding OOXML and Microsoft patents

    The analysis on that page is based on a different patent license than
    the OSP for OOXML.

If it isn't about OOXML and isn't about the OSP, it seems doubly

In regard to what he says this about the OSP:

	    â??I see Microsoftâ??s introduction of the OSP as a good step by
	    Microsoft to further enable collaboration between software
	    vendors and the open source community. This OSP enables the open
	    source community to implement these standard specifications
	    without having to pay any royalties to Microsoft or sign a
	    license agreement. I'm pleased that this OSP is compatible with
	    free and open source licenses.â??

Has he explained why hee does not agree with the stated criticisms of
the OSP?  From those reasons, we could see whether he has refuted
those criticisms or ignored them.

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