Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Ballots sent


Le lundi 26 novembre 2007 à 00:43 +0200, Baris Cicek a écrit :
> Hi all,
> We have just sent the ballots for the elections. Every member who can
> vote for the elections should have received an e-mail with instructions
> explaining how to vote.
> If you have not received your ballot, please first verify that you are
> eligible to vote by looking at the list of voters and that your e-mail
> address in this list is still valid:
> If you are not on this list and think you should be, please send an
> e-mail to elections gnome org explaining your situation.
> If you are on this list and if you have not received your ballot, then
> you can ask us to send you a new ballot by sending an e-mail to
> elections gnome org 

I have not received my ballot. I have received all other mails but not
the ballot itself. Perhaps it has been accidentally deleted or tagged as

I have sent an e-mail to elections gnome org last Monday and I have not
received any answer except the ticket number.

Given the deadline to vote, can somebody accelerate the process so that
I receive a new ballot in order to be able to vote ?

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