Re: Towards more collaboration between the academic world and the GNOME community

Vincent Untz wrote:
Le lundi 13 août 2007, à 05:55 +0300, Quim Gil a écrit :
Remember this thread? Anybody kept working on a GNOME group focused on
What about moving the topic to ie marketing list with the objective of
creating a formal committe?

Fernando and I had a discussion about this at GUADEC. I'm also in
contact with two or three other people who are interested in this.

I think we'd need to create a mailing list and start organizing the work
there, especially what will be the next actions. There are already a few
ideas about how to make more use of GNOME for teaching. Of course, more
focus on the research side would be great too!

Fernando, do you want to take care of the mailing list creation? :-)

This is very timely. I've been asked to head up a pilot project here at the University of Toronto with a goal of engaging students in open source development. Please let me know if I can be of help (committee or otherwise). Do we have someone to lead this effort?


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