Re: Proposal: Shift election cycle back six months

<quote who="Shaun McCance">

> While this year's and last year's GUADECs were in July, previous GUADECs
> have been in April (2001), May (2005), and June (2004).  If we have
> elections in May and June, then we wouldn't want to have future GUADECs
> any earlier than July.  I don't know if that's a problem, but it is worth
> mentioning.

June is realistic, considering the timeline. Typically, preliminary results
are announced in early December, finalising a couple of weeks later. So that
works okay with GUADEC in June, but there's certainly the option of shifting
it only by five months.

> Related to this, I worry about having the elections too close to GUADEC.
> Many of us just can't make it to GUADEC every single year, for various
> reasons.  Board members, of course, should make GUADEC a very high
> priority.  But if you're only elected two weeks before GUADEC, it may be
> too late to make travel arrangements, particularly if you need a visa.

The travel issue is a *very* good reason to look at changing it only by five
months. Thanks very much for pointing that out. (Note that the Foundation
has provided travel assistance to Board members in the past, so this not
generally a problem. The timing and costs of late travel arrangements is.)

> On another note, if anybody actually has a problem with extending this
> board's term (I don't, and nobody else who's replied so far seems to),
> another option would be to phase the shift in over the next two or three
> years by extending those terms by three or two months.

That was one of the soft options raised a couple of years back. I'd prefer
to simply fix the problem once and for all.

- Jeff

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