Re: Idea: GNOME event in Beijing 2008

Adding Amy Jiang to the Cc. Hi Amy! :-)

- Jeff

<quote who="Quim Gil">

> This is a call for volunteers and interested GNOME lovers in Beijing /
> China / East Asia. Please forward to friends and contacts that might
> be interested.
> There is this initial idea of organizing a GNOME event in Beijing next
> year. Emily Chen and other developers of the Sun Desktop in Beijing
> have started pushing the idea and now they are in the task of having
> an initial organization team with volunteers from other organizations,
> companies and individuals.
> There is a lot of GNOME related development going on in Beijing, China
> and East Asia in general. This conference could be a great opportunity
> to provide more visibility to the ideas, people, teams etc. We are
> starting the discussion in the GNOME marketing-list.
> More:
> GNOME calling to Beijing / China / East Asia

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