Serving suggestions

OK, so... s/^Serv/Vot/ :-)

I just wanted to highlight a thought from my answers to candidacy questions:

  Elect candidates you know, who you've worked with in the community, and
  who represent your values and aspirations for the project.

For obvious social reasons, it's extremely difficult for Board members to
communicate their thoughts about other Board members, and candidates, in a
public forum. So I'll dodge the problem by simply providing the list of who
I've voted for and some rationale. :-)

  Máirín Duffy
  Glynn Foster
  Quim Gil
  Dave Neary
  John (J5) Palmieri
  Vincent Untz
  Jeff Waugh

The list includes all of the running Board members who represent my values
and aspirations for the project, and the trusted fresh faces who I thought
would bring the most "new GNOME" energy and vitality to the Board. 'Course
the last guy only just scraped in, but what can you do?

This is only a serving suggestion. Put strawberries on your corn flakes at
your own risk. Certain sections of this message contain forward-looking
statements, which are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks
and uncertainties which are difficult to predict, such as a carrot falling
on your head at an inappropriate moment.


- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
     "It doesn't matter if it is good, it only matters if it rocks." -
                        Tenacious D, Rock Your Socks

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