Re: GNOME and the free software movement

--- Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:

> We stated GNOME
> to blunt the
> danger of the (then) non-free QT library.  I think
> most GNOME users
> and developers today are not aware of this.

I'm aware of that, yes.

I first came to Gnome because I want software that is
good -- it just so happens that in the free software
world I can chip in and make a difference (I haven't
tried sending my CV to Apple, but I doubt they'd hire

> for the advance of computer users' freedom.

What freedoms exactly?

The computer users I know can't code. What are they
going to with the source code they have the freedom to
And free as in beer makes no difference to them: they
either got their Windows XP with their Dell, or from a
bloke they know with a CD burner.

Freedoms that you can't exercise are meaningless.

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