Candidacy: Sara Khalatbari

Name: Sara Khalatbari
Email: sara AT khalatbari DOT info
Affiliation: none (student)


I want to run for the Board election.   I have very strong
communications skills and am not swamped by hacking.  On the board, I
want to help on every single issue that makes progress as smoothly as possible
in a timely manner.


I got motivated reading Federico's Board Member Application Mini-HOWTO.
I believe the following facts collectively make me a productive board
member if elected:

- I'm not a hacker.  While I'm learning, I don't see myself addicted
to writing code anytime soon.

- I have actual real free time.  I'm a Computer Science student and
have lots of time to spend on things I like to.  I /don't/ receive
hundreds of messages from various mailing lists everyday.

- I am /very/ good with paperwork, communications, keeping task on
progress, and getting things done.  As an example, I managed to contact
every single GUADEC speaker and collect their bio and photo. (no that's
not as easy as you think it is.)

- I'm passionate about GNOME.


I was introduced to GNOME by way of Persian translation (Yay
gnome-i18n!).  I then attended GUADEC in Stuttgart and Vilanova where I
helped with the Printed Program.  More recently, I have joined
gnome-love and learning to write perfect code.  I also love reporting


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