Candidacy: Dave Neary

Name: Dave Neary
Email: dneary free fr
Affiliation: Wengo


I have spent a lot of time thinking about whether I will run for the board this year. In the end, I feel very invested in the success of the foundation, and I feel like we have made huge progress in the past two years. I really want to be part of keeping and growing the momentum we have.

Over the past two years, I've played a part in increasing the transparency of the board's functions, improving our relations with the advisory board, getting new members on that board, and in event organisation and fundraising.

All of that is ground work for fulfilling the role I would like to see the foundation have in the community - we are looking for a business development director, who will work to increase the budget through fundraising and partnerships. With that increased budget, I would like to see the foundation grow - I would like to see us hire a bugmaster to ensure that downstream distros benefit from their collective work. I would like to hire a full-time editorial resource for our user and developer websites. I would like to see the foundation invest heavily in documentation, and ensure that high-quality, up-to-date, printed documentation exists for the platform and for users. I would like to see the foundation invest also in marketing, listening to ISDs, distributors and users and ensuring that that feedback gets fed back into the development cycle.

I hope to play a part in realising this vision, if it's shared by the community and my fellow board members. And so, I propose myself as a candidate for the upcoming board elections.


Dave Neary
dneary free fr

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