Re: Research groups and the GNOME project

Hi Alvaro,

I have also been working on understanding Free Software and the open
development model of working for some years, at the Center for
Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research[1] in Helsinki,
Finland. Most of my data consists of public data on the GNOME project
(mailing list archives, Bugzilla, lurking on well-known IRC channels,
etc.) We should definitely be in touch; some of my work may be of
interest to you already, and vice versa :)

On 11/13/06, Alvaro del Castillo <acs gsyc escet urjc es> wrote:

- Mirroring GNOME CVS
MIght be very interesting to have access, but I've had no need for this,

- Access to the Bugzilla database
Bugzilla is public, and I've been able to get all the data I want.

- Mailing list archives
These are available also, although the search has been broken for
quite some time now :(

All in all, I've been quite happy with keeping all the data on the
famous Other People's Servers. I have had no desire to mirror this
data for my own research purposes. I reckon you want to conduct some
serious data mining for discovering some quantitative data which I
have had no need for. If so, all the better: your research could be
very interesting and complementary to our qualitative approach.

I will mail for you better description of my work so far in the next
few days, and if you wish, some results.

[1] -- my personal page:

Juha Siltala

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