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2006/5/30, Dave Neary <dneary free fr>:
Women are not less idealistic or more calculating than men (contrary to
one comment I saw that perhaps women were "more practical", and wanted
to get paid for their work. So we're doing something wrong.

My wife did tend to roll her eyes and shake her head when she wondered
if I got paid for typing away in the evenings (and the answer was "no,
it's just for fun"). But after she realized that it all actually
supported my worklife quite well, she didn't consider it as "stupid"
at all.

So I would definitely agree that given an idea of contributing (code),
women will easily ask who will pay for it where men might not. Maybe
they consider open source more as "working" than as a hobby or a way
social networking or even as a way to educate oneself.

These are IMO points that are often not emphasized in the OSS
marketing. Instead of "come and contribute" it should read "come and
learn". I bet most people would respond better to message of "here you
can get something" instead of "here you can give something", right?-)

For me OSS is as much about social networking and learning new things
as it is about sharing and coding cool stuff.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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