Re: Code Of Conduct


Davyd Madeley wrote:
> Also of interest, a (female) colleague asked where we're getting our
> 1% contribution statistic from. It sounds believable, but is it
> people with CVS accounts, or does it include translators who send
> translations to their i18n team leader. Did someone just look
> through a list of names and guess the genders? Similarly for
> "asianness" (sic). Are we just using the domain names on their
> email addresses?

The 1% comes from the FLOSS-POLS report on women in free software, among
others. Hanna Wallach's presented a 1.5% figure from that result before:

That's 1.5% in free software compared to 28% in proprietary software.

Women are not less idealistic or more calculating than men (contrary to
one comment I saw that perhaps women were "more practical", and wanted
to get paid for their work. So we're doing something wrong.

> Perhaps we should be looking towards going forces with other groups
> for a "women in open source drive" or even a "women in IT" drive. I
> know that Pia Waugh has really gotten behind this in Australia.

Yup. Definitely a great idea.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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